Moving from one location to another can be stressful and time-consuming because it requires planning and purchasing various packaging boxes. To ensure that your next move goes well, examine carefully the many types of boxes that are available such as small, medium and large boxes, wardrobe boxes, specialty boxes and mattress boxes. stacking containers come in handy when stacking all kinds of items.

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Box sizes matter!

Small boxes work well for books, DVDs, video game consoles, magazines, cleaning supplies, tools and small appliances. Medium boxes are more versatile and can hold photo albums, books, toys, kitchenware and collectibles. Large boxes are effective in storing blankets, pillows, towels, lamps and larger dishes. Wardrobe boxes keep your clothes intact and are invaluable once you arrive at your destination.

What to store in Specialty boxes?

Specialty boxes can be purchased separately if you need them. Specialty boxes come in various shapes and sizes and can hold almost anything in your home. Examples of what you can put in specialty boxes are dishes and glassware, Flat screen TVs, electronics, pictures, clothes and other items from your bedroom.

Mattress boxes, Mirror boxes and custom crates

Other types of boxes that you may need are mattress boxes, mirror boxes and custom crates. Mattresses should be given special care and a mattress box will accomplish that task. Mirror boxes also need protection, especially during a move. Use a mirror box for chandeliers, artwork, antiques or anything delicate, large and difficult to move. Custom crates are not used by most but they can come in handy when moving transporting more delicate items.

How to shop for moving boxes?

Before shopping for moving boxes, create an inventory of what you need to pack. Also, look at the dimensions that can be seen inside the boxes length, width, height and depth. There are several other key factors that help when purchasing moving boxes and they are strength, size and quantity. Depending on what you will be carrying be it dishes, pictures, clothing or electronics, the weight and size of the objects will determine the size of the box. The quantity of boxes you need will be determined by the number of things you will be taking with you and the number of people in your family.

To conclude, packing up moving items is not an easy task however, by planning ahead, making a list of what you need, you can make moving less stressful and more enjoyable!